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There are people who care about you, and there are people who can help you.

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You are experiencing a momentary lapse of reasoning, a temporary loss of purpose, a temporary loss of self, a temporary loss of awareness, a temporary loss of reality. There is small malfunction in your operating system. Corrections are needed. Connections that have been lost, need to be reconnected. You Belong, Stay Strong

Samaritan’s Crisis Hotline: 1-212-673-3000

Lean 0n Me
(646) 798-4121

The Trevor Project
Trevor Lifeline:
Text “Trevor” to
1-202-304-1200 to connect with a skilled support line responder. 

We need to treat suicidal tendencies like we would treat a parasite or a virus. Because suicide is like a virus, and it's parasitic in nature. It's like having an infection, or having an allergic reaction to food or something. And that something is high jacking the brain. Suicide can also be a side effect from medications, drugs or substances that create a Toxicity in the brain, which could lower a person's impulse control, creating an addiction like behavior that traps a person in a continuous feedback loop of Depression or Anxiety, which can be sometimes triggered by a traumatic experience. Suicide is usually a combination of things, and if you don't know the combination, then you may stay locked up in the mind and be unable to free yourself. And this is when people believe that death is the answer, and that suicide solves their problems, which it does not. Because the parasitic virus of suicide lives on. Just because you die, this does not save anyone else from suicide. It most cases, it spreads suicide like a virus. There has to be a systems check. Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating the right foods in the right amounts? Do you feel different then normal? Have you seen a doctor? Have you been correctly analyzed? Has someone treated you? Do you have a safe place to rest? Do you feel safe being alone? Do you have someone to talk to? If you don't have a terminal illness, then what is the logic in dying? More Questions to Ask? We have vaccines for viruses, so we need a vaccine for suicidal tendencies, one that reconnects the person with reality, instead of helping them to escape reality. Your life is not in danger, your life is not void of opportunities, you have plenty to look forward to. So why does reasoning escape the minds of suicidal tendencies. It's hard to know what people were truly thinking when they committed suicide, especially after the fact. So the people who recover are the people who can save others. By back tracking to the moments that lead to suicidal tendencies, we can examine how this parasitic virus manifests in a persons mind, and tricks them into taking an action that makes no sense. We can easily fool ourselves, and we can easily fool ourselves even more when we are infected with some sort of a virus. You have an infection that is treatable. But we need more public awareness, and more help from schools. And we need more help from the media, a media that does more harm then good most of the time. We can solve this problem, but it will take more involvement, more education, better treatment alternatives, and more highly skilled healthcare workers. There are a lot of things in our world that can high jack our minds. It's time to take back the controls.

There are fungi that turn ants into zombies, hairworms that compel crickets to jump into water, and tapeworms that force shrimp to swarm in groups—all to help the parasites spread to their next hosts. The crypt-keeper wasp does has one of the few known hyper-manipulator parasites that manipulate the behavior of other manipulative parasites. Hyperparasite is a parasite whose host is a parasite And sometimes, hyperparasites can be parasitized by other hyperparasites, creating hierarchies of bodysnatching that can grow to four tiers. Parasitism is a non-mutual relationship between species, where one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease caused by Toxoplasma gondii. Infections with toxoplasmosis usually cause no symptoms in adult humans. Toxoplasma Gondii is capable of infecting virtually all warm-blooded animals, but felids such as domestic Cats are the only known definitive hosts in which the parasite can undergo sexual reproduction. Once infected, it can subtly change our neural nets and Eliminate Fear. Parasitic Disease is an infectious disease caused or transmitted by a parasite. How Microbes in our Gut influences Behavior. Aggressive Mimicry is a form of mimicry in which predators, parasites or parasitoids share similar signals with a harmless model, allowing them to avoid being correctly identified by their prey or host.

A virus can change your thinking. The body under stress from a virus does effect regular thinking patterns. More then just your mood changing, but how you normally perceive the world. How you normally understand the world changes when you're sick
with a virus infection. When the body is fighting an infection, it has to close down certain low priority body functions so that the body can maximize it's ability to focus on removing the virus. The brain has connections to certain body functions, and those chemical reactions can easily be misinterpreted by the brain. Maybe it's the bodies way of telling the brain to rest by sending it chemical signals, but we misinterpret these signals, we know we're sick, but we don't know exactly why, or what to do exactly, or how it will effect us, mentally and physically? Waking up a few days later when a virus has finally run its course and has been removed, you will not be able to tell exactly what differences there were in your thinking, unless you monitored your thoughts before and after, and then be able to understand the differences.

PANDAS is a subset of children with rapid onset of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or tic disorders and these symptoms are caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal (GABHS) infections. The proposed link between infection and these disorders is that an initial autoimmune reaction to a GABHS infection produces antibodies that interfere with basal ganglia function, causing symptom exacerbations. It has been proposed that this autoimmune response can result in a broad range of
neuropsychiatric symptoms.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978 film) (wiki)

Pharmaceutical Drugs that induce Suicidal Thoughts. Why would you make a drug that would cause people to have suicidal thoughts? Because you are a ignorant criminal and a murderer.

Cancer clusters are not copy cats, so why would we think that suicide clusters are copy cats? Your mind can fool you, this is what everyone needs to learn. The media fools you all the time, and if you don't learn to control that influence, you will also be fooled into doing things that will kill you or kill others. Knowledge is the Best Medicine.

Body Mind Connections

The body can effect the mind and change normal thought processes, so different information or thoughts are going to be introduced, and how you interpret those thoughts is important. That is why you need a system check, or a reality check, a way to verify the accuracy of your thoughts. The mind is plastic for a reason, so that you can dream of new ideas and come up with new ways of problem solving. But the only down side of this ability is when it is misinterpreted and you believe these thoughts to be a new reality, which they are not. This is why you need a system check or a way to reboot your system.

Out of all the millions of decisions a person makes in their lifetime, there could always be this one decision that will ultimately end a person’s life. I see Suicide as a momentary lapse of Reason where severe Depression and Disappointment meets Opportunity. Everyone should have the Right to Choose the timing of his or her own Death, but not when a person still has Potential to Make a Difference, or Create Something Special, or Achieve a Goal of Great Importance, a potential that most people don't even know they have unless they have thoroughly examined all their options and choices. So it's not just looking for a way out, it's also looking for a way in. But even then, Total Forgiveness for suicide is a must. For One Bad Decision out of a million can hardly be considered a commitment, because for some who have attempted suicide and failed, they have never attempted again. So you have to wonder if everyone failed a suicide attempt, how many of them would still be alive? Either way No One Can Be Blamed, for every human makes mistakes. Our only hope is to learn as much as we can from a persons life and learn as much as we can from the people who knew that person. Every life teaches us something. So it is up to all of us to learn as much as we can from these moments and pass on this extremely important knowledge to as many people as possible. There is healing in sharing.

The worst part about suicide is that most of the people committing suicide are our most brightest and most talented people that we have,  which leaves us with too many assholes. So please don't kill yourself, we really really need you to stay. Why do most of the good ones have to leave so early in their life, who knows what great things they could have accomplished.

If pharmaceutical drugs can induce suicidal thoughts, that would mean that those thoughts would have already been there, why? And why does a drug make the memory recall words and ideas that express suicide? Why would the human mind need an area in it's memory for suicidal thoughts? Suicidal thoughts have no purpose, so why are they there? It has to be that you have experienced that feeling and had suicidal thoughts before, and your brain is recalling that experience, why? Most likely because you never deleted that information. And how does a human delete information? By re-categorizing that information under a different heading, a heading that states that these are old feelings based on old information that is now irrelevant and inaccurate. So this information can no longer be attached to the original cause. So this original connection is removed. So the next time you go looking for this information it will not be there, it will now have a forwarding link to a new folder heading, old feelings based on old information, here is the update....A feeling is not reality, you control your thoughts, if you don't feel good, then find out why? There are a lot of different reasons why you may feel unhealthy, like an infection, or a body chemistry imbalance from food, water, viruses, skin products or an exposure to toxins? The human mind and body are repairable, if they were not, then we would not be here. Once you narrow down all possible causes, then you will have only a hand full of possibilities to choose from, which makes diagnosis and self analyzing much easier. Don't jump to any one conclusion. And don't forget the abilities of the body and the mind to repair itself. And don't forget that you have a responsibility to yourself to make sure that your body and mind has all the right help it needs to maintain a healthy existence, like healthy food, exercise, no exposure to toxins and sleeping good, to name a few.

Samaritans we're here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Prevention of Depression and Suicide
Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)
Henry Ford

The Hurricane (youtube)
A philosophy of effective and supportive listening. We recommend watching at least twice.

Center Stone full range of mental health, addiction and intellectual and developmental disabilities services.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
How would you talk a Stranger off the Ledge?
Suicide Severity Rating Scale
Suicidal ideation (wiki)
End of History illusion
Educating Adults
Suicidology (wiki)
Copycat Suicide
Weather Effects

Teen suicide attempts in the U.S. declined after same-sex marriage became legal and the biggest impact was
among gay, lesbian and bisexual kids, a study found. Human Rights Work

Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms, collectively known as psilocybin mushrooms. The most potent are members of the genus Psilocybe, such as P. azurescens, P. semilanceata, and P. cyanescens, but psilocybin has also been isolated from about a dozen other genera. As a prodrug, psilocybin is quickly converted by the body to psilocin, which has mind-altering effects similar, in some aspects, to those of LSD, mescaline, and DMT. In general, the effects include euphoria, visual and mental hallucinations, changes in perception, a distorted sense of time, and spiritual experiences, and can include possible adverse reactions such as nausea and panic attacks.

"The Feeling of Emptiness is an illusion"

Fatalistic is a Lie
The belief that events are determined by an impersonal fate and cannot be changed by human beings is a Lie. Fatalism is a misconception that says we are powerless to do anything other than what we actually do. And that man has no power to influence the future, or indeed, his own actions. This belief is very similar to predeterminism. An attitude of resignation in the face of some future event or events which are thought to be inevitable. This belief is very similar to defeatism, which is the acceptance of the inevitability of defeat. There are no problems, only solutions...everything is cause and effect.


Self-Destructive Behavior is Self-inflicted harm or abuse toward oneself, treated as a collection of actions, and therefore as a pattern of Behavior.

Family, friends and co-workers need more awareness so they don't ignore the signs of suicide.
It's not enough to say to someone that you're not alone, or to say to someone that you will get through this, you have to stay, you have to talk, you have to care. Some people can't make it on their own, and with over 7 billion people on this planet, no one should have to be alone or be without help. We have all these ways to communicate, but hardly anyone is saying anything valuable or meaningful. We all need to learn to communicate better and listen.

Insomnia is also a risk factor
Suicide rate per hour rose to 10.27 percent after midnight. It peaked at 16.27 percent between 2 and 3 a.m., and then dropped to 2.13 percent between 6 a.m. and midnight.  Sleeping Knowledge
Suicide is mostly another drastic side-effect of our dysfunctional education system. Where in the curriculum does a student learn  how to correctly analyze themselves, or learn how to correctly analyze the world around them? Where in the curriculum does a student learn how to handle the injustices, the inequalities, and the abuses of an ignorant society? Where in the curriculum does a student learn how to handle the multitude of problems that the world is currently faced with? No where, so there's your problem. But what about the other kids who have made through the same dysfunctional education system? They seem normal, but are they really? Maybe they're just oblivious, distracted, content, or just plain ignorant and unaware? Are they part of the problem or are they part of the solution? When we fail to understand the importance of improving education, we will continue to fail in almost every aspect of society. Depression is a horrible feeling and a total nightmare, but there is a cure, it's called knowledge. The pain of sadness and depression is being produce by you, so that means you can control it. But why couldn't you control it before? That's because you haven't learned how, just yet. Does this mean that other kids who are not depressed or sad have learned to control sadness and depression? No, because they might be hiding their depression, or they're just oblivious, distracted, content or just plain ignorant and unaware. Is it possible that some kids actually learned how to control their emotions? Yes it is possible, but they might not know how or why they have more control and more awareness, so they might still be vulnerable. Thin Places

I believe that one of the main reasons why some kids self harm themselves is because they haven't learned how to separate physical pain from mental pain. And self harming is an attempt to separate the two kinds of pain. So they only feel one pain instead of the other, and they prefer the physical pain over the mental pain because they can control the physical pain, but they have difficulties controlling the mental pain. Both pains can be controlled, it's that you must learn the right knowledge and the right information at the right time. So again this is another problem that can be solved by improving the curriculum in every school in the world. When sadness and depression comes, you have to have a check list to verify if the pain is life threating or just a misinterpreted moment in time? So you have to know that it's not a physical injury? It's not organ failure or a sign of some serious physical ailment that needs immediate medical attention? When you have determined that you are not in danger then you can focus more on the thoughts that are causing your sadness. Is it a sad memory? Are you worried about your future? Are you not sure of yourself? Start with the facts? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating the right foods? Are you getting enough exercise? The more questions that you ask and the more questions that you can answer the more control you will have. Problem solving is one of the most valuable skills that you have, but it's a skill that needs to be learned, it's a skill that takes a lot of work and experience. To get it working effectively and efficiently you have to practice, and once you realize the power of knowledge, you will be able to solve any problem that you put your mind to. The world is yours, it just takes a lot of maintenance and a lot of patience. Your sensitivity is a gift, it proves that you have a conscience, and Conscience people is what this world needs more of.

"One of the greatest things about learning and accumulating knowledge is being able to reflect on your life with a better understanding of yourself and the things that happened to you."


On an average day, 105 Americans lose their lives to suicide. Over 40,000 Americans took their own lives in 2012. Worldwide on average, almost 3000 people commit suicide every day. Every year, around 800,000 people die from suicide worldwide.

A few years ago I heard that 18 veterans were committing suicide each day, now in 2015, it's 22 a day (wiki)
Drug pushing Psychiatrist Doctors are murdering soldier's using dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.
The VA now stands for Veterans Assassinated. 
Military Suicides just a Mistake
The Hidden Enemy
Psychiatry the hidden enemy 1:46:09   The Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry [FULL DOCUMENTARY] (youtube)
We need more Highly Skilled Counselors, not Drug Dealing Doctors
Stop Soldier Suicide

2011 found an estimated 21,175 suicides involving firearms compared with 11,208 homicides involving guns.
Children as young as 5 take their own lives every year. In the United States each year, about 30 to 35 children under the age of 12 take their own lives.
Of the millions of Americans who are depressed only a small fraction of them take their lives, so depression and suicide are not synonymous.
Not all suicides are impulsive, some give hints, wile others don't say anything.

Seasonal Effects on Suicde Rates

Greenland Suicides Numbers Compared to U.S.A.

Weather Effects

You are not alone, I know you heard that before, but you're not alone. You never where alone, and you can never be alone, it's impossible. You can be by yourself, yes of course, but you're not alone. We are all here, sharing the same world as you, over 7 billion of us. And over 100 billion of us have lived and died, so it's hard for me to even believe that there is such a place as alone.

You are born into this world, and the world that you were born onto is yours to change, as millions have done before you.

There are millions of people in the world who are living in their own little private hell. So you're not the only one who's suffering. There's millions of people suffering every second of every day. And the only real way out of this mess is to educate our way out of it. It was only a 100 years ago that our only way to distribute knowledge and information was on paper and in books. And now that we have digitized our words, that means everyone on the planet could have access to the worlds most valuable knowledge and information, using a computer or a smartphone. With millions of people collaborating on the internet, we can literally teach the world. And in a few years we would have more intelligent people in the world then any other time in human history. Going to the moon and back was just a sample of what intelligent people working together can accomplish, and that was over 40 years ago. Our possibilities are endless. 
Suicidal Tendencies - "Institutionalized" (youtube)
"Even a broken tree bears fruit, not to say that you're broken, just saying that potential is always present no matter how bad things look."

And please don't blame your parents, teachers or anyone else because they too are victims of our dysfunctional education system. It's up to you to break this cycle of ignorance, so please don't give up, we need you, really really bad.

"You will never become who you want to be if you keep blaming everyone else for who you are now."

"Running away from a problem does not always make a problem go away. Some problems you just have to face and find ways to correct them, don't be afraid to ask for help"  

"For every End there is a Beginning"

Most people don't know how important their lives are. The impacts that people have on life are never always visible or understood. Sometimes the littlest things that a person does could have many influences on other peoples lives. Don't ever think that your life doesn't matter, it matters no matter what. Everyone in life is shaping the world in their own way. And if everyone tried to make their legacy or their gift to life the best it can be, we would have a great world before you knew it.

Depression may be caused by your inability to construct a future  (Rollo May)

"It's hard to imagine a future with the same eyes as yesterday."

Something that is extremely risky and dangerous is sometimes called suicidal. So why is it when a person who dies from an action that is extremely risky and dangerous, is sometimes called a Hero?  Just because a person believes that they had no intentions in dying, still cannot say that a particular action was not going to kill them or that they were honestly aware of all their choices and options. And a person could never say that their death was more important then their life, for the causes and effects from an entire lifetime can never be easily calculated. So why is there this stigma with suicide? Especially when its definition and meaning cannot even be clearly defined or understood. A person who commits suicide can never honestly say that they knew that they were going to live or die, after all, no one truly knows what death means to a soul. In a way Life itself is suicide. We all live knowing that we are eventually going to die, yet we keep going. So I guess that means everyone is a hero and that no one is actually suicidal. So what's left for the Brave. Lets call them Super Heroes, A person who acts when others will not. A person who makes sacrifices when others will not. A person who makes a difference when others can not.  

"Every man has the right to risk his own life in order to preserve it. Has it ever been said that a man who throws himself out the window to escape from a fire is guilty of suicide?"

In every war battle a wounded soldier is a concern, thus it needs attention that takes away resources from the main objective. If you don’t factor in the wounded then it’s suicide, whether they are physically wounded, mentally wounded or both. We should learn to separate War from Hero, they are two different things. In war there's only War Deaths, War Victims and War Wounded, with the survivors and loved ones being left to pick up the pieces. And the people who waged the war in the first place stand back with their profits and wait to exploit innocent citizens again. Did you ever hear people say "Hey we should all get together and kill each other till one side gives up". 

"The only sane people in the world are the ones who are seeking help or looking for answers."

"My life was far from perfect, but it was perfect enough for me."

I don't want to burn out or fade away, burning out can be just as bad as fading away, because it all depends on what you're doing, and how much you're not doing. It also depends on your definition of burn out, and, understanding the things that are causing you to burn out. Trying to sum up all the decisions that a person has to make in their lifetime into a few words or an easy catch phrase, is just impossible. So, My my, hey hey, I guess we were always meant to stay, I don't want to burn out or fade away, I'll listen to you if you hear what I say.  Thanks Neil.....it will never end, how could it?
"Never do something permanently foolish just because you are temporarily upset."

Assisted Suicide

What's the difference between Assisted Suicide and Death with Dignity?

End of Life Care - How I wish to Die

Assisted Suicide is suicide committed with the aid of another person, sometimes a physician.

Euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering.

Do Not Resuscitate also known as no code or allow natural death, is a legal order written either in the hospital or on a legal form to withhold cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), in respect of the wishes of a patient in case their heart were to stop or they were to stop breathing. "No code" is a reference to the use of "code" as jargon for "calling in a Code Blue" to alert a hospital's resuscitation team. The DNR request is usually made by the patient or health care power of attorney and allows the medical teams taking care of them to respect their wishes. In the health care community, allow natural death (AND) is a term that is quickly gaining favor as it focuses on what is being done, not what is being avoided. Some criticize the term "do not resuscitate" because of the implication of important information being withheld, while research shows that only about 5% of patients who require CPR outside the hospital and only 15% of patients who require CPR while in the hospital survive. Patients who are elderly, are living in nursing homes, have multiple medical problems, or who have advanced cancer are much less likely to survive. A DNR does not affect any treatment other than that which would require intubation or CPR. Patients who are DNR can continue to get chemotherapy, antibiotics, dialysis, or any other appropriate treatments.

Kevorkian (2013 Film) - Wiki      

Right to Die is a concept based on the belief that a human being is entitled to end their own life or to undergo voluntary euthanasia. Possession of this right is often understood to mean that a person with a terminal illness should be allowed to end their own life or to use assisted suicide or to decline life-prolonging treatment. The question of who, if anyone, should be empowered to make this decision is often central to debate.

Hemlock Society was a national right-to-die organization founded in 1980 in Santa Monica by author and activist Derek Humphry. Its primary missions included providing information to dying persons and supporting legislation permitting physician-assisted dying. In 2003 the national organization renamed itself to End of Life Choices, and a year later merged with another group into a newly formed national organization called Compassion & Choices.

Death Wise
Final Exit Network

Suicide Manual is a Japanese book written by Wataru Tsurumi. He wrote on the problem of "hardness of living" in Japanese society.

Death Info Graphic (image)

Everyone should have the Right to Choose the timing of his or her own Death, and choose how they die. Like if you were stuck in a burning building, most people would choose to jump to their death instead of burning to death, that is called choice, and should not be considered suicide. If you had a choice between a long and painful death or a short and painless death, everyone would choose a short and painless death.

If assisted suicide is thought to be a "sin against God" then that means you're saying that life is a sin against God, because death is part of life. Everyone will agree, we don't want people to suffer, but we also don't want people to give up to soon either. And we also don't want to encourage other people to assist other people, who may be giving up on life to soon. But let us not judge people for what they do out of desperation. We must learn as much as we can from each other. But it's difficult to learn from one another when there's so many beliefs. If someone is facing death, or facing a long painful death, then they should have the right to face death on their own terms.
You also need to understand that less then 1% of the population would even use assisted suicide even when it's available, so this more about the comfort of knowing that the option to die with dignity is there if someone ever needed it. It is also comforting to society because they know that people are not being forced to suffer, even though millions of people are being forced to suffer in other ways, which is kind of ironic and disturbing when you think about it. People are more worried about the one percent of a population's right to die with dignity then they are about the millions of people who are suffering everyday, as well as the 10's of thousands of people dying everyday from unavoidable deaths. There are many things in life that assist us in dying sooner, like unhealthy food, polluted water, disease, drugs, stress, war and the Death Penalty, all of which help us die sooner, all related to people. Some people help us live, while other people cause us to die. So instead of using labels, let's us explain the reasons why something is good or bad, right or wrong. 

How to Die in Oregon (2011) 1:47

Sallekhana is the Jain practice of facing death voluntarily at the end of one's life, properly.    

Live and Let Die (youtube)

The Netherlands became the first country to make it legal for doctors to help people die in 2002 with now both euthanasia, where doctors actively kill patients and assisted suicide, where physicians prescribe patients a lethal dose of drugs, are allowed.
However, patients must be "suffering unbearably" with no hope of relief to go through with the process, even though their condition does not need to be fatal. The review shows that before it was legalized in 1990, only 1.7 percent of deaths were
from euthanasia or assisted suicide, but that rose drastically to 4.5 percent in 2015. A large majority of the deaths had serious illnesses at 92 percent but the rest had a myriad of different health problems ranging from old age, early-stage dementia, or
psychiatric problems. More than a third of those who died were over 80.

I'm interested in learning about your beliefs, but more importantly, I need your knowledge, I need your information, I need your understanding. What will happen if I go? What will happen if I stay? If you stay, then you will find the answers to both of those questions. Remember, you're leaving some day no matter what, so what's the rush?   

Religious views on Suicide (wiki) 

"You can't use freedom to deny other people their freedom. We need to learn from our choices. One size does not fit all. There are situations that have their own unique needs, that means that people have their own unique needs." 

We should stop using shame or guilt as a teaching method, because you don't need to feel shame or guilt in order to learn if something is wrong or bad. Shame or guilt, or the lack of shame or guilt, explains very little. We should take the time and explain why something is wrong or bad, and not be so dependent on our feelings or emotions to teach us right and wrong.

"You are not a creep, and you are not a weirdo. So what ever you want, what ever makes you happy, you are freaking special, you are unique, you are a hero, so what are you doing here? You belong here."

"Don't let your grip on life kill you. To hold on to life to tightly will constrict life from living. You can't hold onto something that someday has an end. You are better off holding onto something that has a beginning, and life begins now."

Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) (youtube)

I've battled demons that won't let me sleep
Called to the sea but she abandoned me
But I won't never give up, no, never give up, no, no
No, I won't never give up, no, never give up, no, no
And I won't let you get me down
I'll keep gettin' up when I hit the ground
Oh, never give up, no, never give up no, no, oh
I won't let you get me down
I'll keep gettin' up when I hit the ground
Oh, never give up, no, never give up no, no, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh
Oh yeah, I'm haunted by the distant past
Called to the skies but she was she overcast
But I won't never give up, no, never give up, no, no
No, I won't never give up, no, never give up, no, no
And I won't let you get me down
I'll keep gettin' up when I hit the ground
Oh, never give up, no, never give up no, no, oh
I won't let you get me down
I'll keep gettin' up when I hit the ground
Oh, never give up, no, never give up no, no, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh
Never give up, never give up
Never give up, never give up
No, no, oh
And I won't let you get me down
I'll keep gettin' up when I hit the ground
Oh, never give up, no, never give up no, no, oh
I won't let you get me down
I'll keep gettin' up when I hit the ground
Oh, never give up, no, never give up no, no, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh
I'll find my way, find my way home, oh, oh, oh

The Thinker Man