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The Hope PC

(Beta - Still in Research)

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Basic Knowledge 101 Personal Computer
Home Organized Personalized Education
Hope PC Logo
 A Computer that Teaches.
A Computer that Learns.
A Computer that Communicates and Translates.
A Computer that Stores your favorite Tools and Media.
A Computer that Stores Educational Knowledge and Information.
A Computer like the one between your ears.
Endless Capabilities 

Hope Quotes

Hope is to make the best use of. Make as great as possible.

Mission: Design education curriculum for children who don't have access to schools and teachers, using a touchscreen laptop computer that has an artificial intelligent teaching avatar that helps and guides the student to learn valuable knowledge and information and also how to understand everything on the computer. Eventually the student will be able to teach themselves without using a computer, so that every student is free to learn anywhere in the world and learn anything they want.

Imagine a Laptop Computer filled with all the Educational Curriculum from Grades K through 14, with Courses and Tests.
Now imagine that same laptop filled with information, audio and Video Lessons, books, Textbooks, encyclopedias, Documentary Films, Compressed Movies, Farming Knowledge, Sustainable Living Knowledge, Nutrition Knowledge, Hygiene Knowledge, Eco-System Knowledge, Child Development Knowledge, Human Brain Knowledge and so on. People can also test themselves with intelligence tests, skills tests, eye tests, hearing tests, video games, reading tests and so on. Part Open Source Public Education and part Public Domain Knowledge Base. And if there's internet service, people will also be able to search the Internet for more Information and Knowledge. Internet service will also give access to News, TV & Entertainment, Music, and Libraries. And the best part of the internet is being able to give the student 24 Hours a day video assistance from Tutors and educators, kind of like the Mayday button from Kindle and Information Stations  Each Laptop will have a Smartphone and an Instruction Manual.

It will be like having a Life Tool Kit or Human Operators Manual that doubles as an Education and Science Tool Kit, and as well as an Entertainment Tool Kit. 24/7 Assistance

Personalized Learning - Tailored to each type of Learner - No need to worry about attendance.
Personalized Learning Advantages: Info-Graph - Info-Graph - Info-Graph - Info-Graph
Personalized Learning Benefits - Home Schooling Advantages
Personalization or customization, consists of tailoring a service or a product to accommodate specific individuals, sometimes tied to groups or segments of individuals.

Anyone with the Hope PC could learn how to become a Scientist, learn how to become a Doctor, learn how to become a Journalist, learn how to become a Teacher, learn how to become a Electrician, a Computer Scientist, a Plumber, a Carpenter, learn how to be a Leader, learn how to be a Caregiver, learn how to be a Translator, learn how to be a Knowledge Keeper and a Library and Learn how to be Intelligent.

Why the Hope PC is Needed

57 Million Children Worldwide without access to Education, over one third lives in settings of conflict and fragility (UNESCO, 2015). Well over half of 1.4 million Syrian refugee children and adolescents are not in school (UNICEF, 2016). This does not include the Billions of people who are undereducated by an inadequate and dysfunctional education system.

Wars stops 13 million children from going to school in Middle East and north Africa, UN says.

Chronic Absenteeism. More than 6 million students are "chronically absent." students are way more likely to fall behind and eventually drop out.

Today, more than 263 million children and youth around the world are out of school and at least 330 million children are not learning basic skills. Of these, 61 million children remain out of primary school and 102 million teenagers are not attending secondary school, missing out on vital basic skills needed for future employment.

International Network for Education in Emergencies INEE - Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis.

Education For All accelerating progress towards Quality Universal Primary Education. - 2015 Report (PDF) 

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Contact 

Unesco - Wikipedia - Videos - Blog

Education Initiative: Deliver the highest quality education to any one who wishes to learn, for any one who wishes to be highly educated and intelligent, for any one looking for a new skill, for any one looking to solve a problem, or make an improvement. We have the ability to put the most valuable knowledge and information in your hands.

Imagine holding in your hands the combined knowledge of millions of people.
Imagine having an entire encyclopedia in your hands.
Imagine the possibilities. 
Imagine being able to educate yourself about anything that you want to learn. CK-12
Imagine being able to modify and upgrade a computer, and adjusting a learning system to match your specific needs.

Home Organized Personalized Education. Auto-Configuration and Manual Configuration in the same device. (PDF)

Democratic Education is an educational ideal in which democracy is both a goal and a method of instruction. It brings democratic values to education and can include self-determination within a community of equals, as well as such values as justice, respect and trust. Democratic education is often specifically emancipatory, with the students' voices being equal to the teacher's.

The goal is to make a high quality education that is self directing, Plug and Play, or Plug and Learn. This way anyone can be a teacher, and anyone can be a student. Whether you're a high achieving student or a student who is struggling. And anyone can test themselves. So testing will not hold you back, testing will keep you moving forward. Learning at your own speed, learning in your own time, and learning in your own way. Testing will be only a guide, testing will not be used as a judgment of your potential. Testing is a tool to measure understanding, and testing is not a measurement of your ability to understand; So wrong answers are just temporary until you find the right answers. But just knowing the right answers does not mean that you have all the answers. So remember, testing is only a guide, it is not a judgment of your potential. Getting wrong answers is still progress, because you now know which answers are wrong, and why they are wrong. This is progress.

As soon as the student understands knowledge and information, they will never stop learning, because they will understand the benefits and the potential that comes from acquiring important knowledge and information. Increased intelligence will not just be a benefit to the student themselves, but they will also be a benefit everyone around them. 

Technology Warnings

Blitzscaling is what you do when you need to grow really, really quickly. It’s the science and art of rapidly building out a company to serve a large and usually global market, with the goal of becoming the first mover at scale.

Solar Powered Digital Libraries
Information Stations

How tablets, YouTube can empower people with intellectual disabilities

Having a computer connected to the internet is like having the combined intelligence of millions of people in your hand, a Lifetime of Education, it's like having the Whole World in your hands.

Knowledge Mobilization

We have the ability to create the most advanced education in the world and put our greatest school into peoples hands. This way no parent has to worry about finding the best school for their child, they can have the best school in the world delivered to them where ever they live. 

Purposes of Education
Accelerated Learning

Computers are great tools because they can make a persons disability less intrusive, and less likely to impede learning.

This idea of course is not new. In 1954, B. F. Skinner talked about a Teaching Machine and Programmed Learning. But we now have over 80% more knowledge and information then was available in 1954, and we also have more technological advances, so a learning and teaching machine would be even more advanced then originally intended. 

PLATO (computer system) was the first generalized computer assisted instruction system. Starting in 1960, it ran on the University of Illinois' ILLIAC I computer. By the late 1970s, it supported several thousand graphics terminals distributed worldwide, running on nearly a dozen different networked mainframe computers.

Q and A - 24/7 Assistants

Programmed Instruction is learning material in a kind of textbook or teaching machine or computer. The medium presents the material in a logical and tested sequence. The text is in small steps or larger chunks. After each step, learners are given a question to test their comprehension. Then immediately the correct answer is shown. This means the learner at all stages makes responses, and is given immediate knowledge of results.

Reward-Based Learning

Computer-Based Learning (CBL) is the term used for any kind of learning with the help of computers. Computer-based learning makes use of the interactive elements of the computer applications and software and the ability to present any type of media to the users. Computer-based learning has many benefits, including the advantage of users learning at their own pace and also learning without the need for an instructor to be physically present. (Ai Avatar - Remote Tutor) Computer-based learning is also known as computer-aided instruction. Computer-based learning can be used in Problem-solving training, Creative and instructional games, Simulation-based learning, training and Knowledge-based training and assessment. There are many advantages associated with computer-based learning. It provides more learning opportunity for people from disadvantaged environments. People can learn at a pace comfortable for them, unlike in a traditional classroom. Users need to spend only the required time to learn the subject in the case of computer-based learning, and it is also available all the time. Computer-based learning is cost effective in many ways, as it reduces travel time and also the same application can be used to teach new students or users. The learning also offers safety and flexibility as well as helps learners to track their progress. Another big advantage is in the reduction of overall training time.

Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) is a computer system that aims to provide immediate and customized instruction or feedback to learners, usually without intervention from a human teacher. ITS's have the common goal of enabling learning in a meaningful and effective manner by using a variety of computing technologies. Intelligent Computer-Assisted Instruction with Dialogue and Feedback.

Intelligent Tutoring Technology and Computerized Assessment (PDF)

Intelligent Tutor (avatar)

Educational Technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.

Computer-Based Training - Computerized Learning Systems

Learning Management System is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) courses or training programs.

Virtual Learning Environment is a platform for the digital aspects of courses of study, usually within educational institutions. VLEs typically: allow participants to be organized into cohorts, groups and roles; present resources, activities and interactions within a course structure; provide for the different stages of assessment; report on participation; and have some level of integration with other institutional systems. Holo-Deck

Learning Methods
Computer Learning Advantages

Multi-Part Testing
First Determine Examinee's Skill Level and Education Level or Knowledge Level.
Beginner 1-14   Intermediate 1-14    Expert 1-14
Verbal Test
Written Test
Physical Test (real testing in authentic environments)

E-assessment or Technology Assessment to determine examinee's effective use of technological tools in learning. KM

Computerized Adaptive Testing is a form of computer-based test that adapts to the examinee's ability level and education level, which is based on what is known about the examinee from previous questions. The difficulty of the exam will automatically adjust to the examinee's skill level. For example, if an examinee performs well on an item of intermediate difficulty, they will then be presented with a more difficult question. Or, if they performed poorly, they will be presented with a simpler question.

International Association of Computerized Adaptive Testing

CDC Cyber used for modeling fluid flow, material science stress analysis, electrochemical machining analysis, probabilistic analysis, energy and academic computing, radiation shielding modeling, and other applications.

Equalizing the gap between the rich and the poor, and the haves and the have not's.

5 billion people, 70% of the world’s population, are still without access to personal computing.....so as a backup, incase you don't have a computer or electricity.....How about the 21st Century New and Improved Composition Book (3 hole binder, held together with twine or 3 rings)  What's included. Microscope, Elements Chart, Measuring Scale, Ruler, Slide Rule, Pen, Pencil, Alphabet in 10 Languages, Weight and Size Conversions, Math Tables with Formulas and Equations, List of Languages, World Map, Star Map, First Aid Tips, Blank Pages to Write In, Animal and insect chart, Nutrition Knowledge and Information, Growing Food Tips, How to build a Shelter, How to make Energy, Emergency Phone Numbers, Problem Solving Tips, Diagram and Instructions on how to make Important Tools,  A plastic page with small pockets that can hold 50 jump drives or SD memory cards, which will hold encyclopedias, school subjects, movies, lessons and so on...

Once a child, parent, teacher or student learns how to use the computer they could then educate themselves and learn in their own chosen environment. Then of course anyone who learns how to operate the computer can eventually teach other people, children, teachers or parents on how to use the computer to educate themselves and others. Self replicating, self perpetuating, self regulating and constantly updating. And when a person learns how to build other similar computers from parts, then the delivery mechanism for information and knowledge will multiply. 

Open Source Curriculum

Each Ultrabook Style Laptop will come with a Solar Charger so electricity will not be needed. Each laptop will have a protective cover that doubles as a solar panel. Each laptop will have wireless Internet capabilities, a Webcam, Headphones and an external Flash Drive to store, share and back up material. The PC will also have an external CD and DVD-RW drive if the PC does not have one built in or if it fails. Each laptop will also have a built in Solid State Drive, which consumes less power, generates less heat, has no moving parts, is more durable and quieter, has faster boot times, has no more disk crashes and has a longer lifespan then a regular hard drive. The laptop can also be used as a digital book reader with a monitor that has a book reading power saving mode. Each laptop will come with 2 batteries so that one battery is always charging. And as silicon circuitry gets smaller, faster and less power-thirsty, and uses new advanced materials that speeds up processing, then the Hope PC will have the most Advanced Processor the world has to offer. Then your learning speed will not be hindered by a slow computer.

Each laptop will have the ability to change languages, teach languages and translate languages so that most people around the world would be able to use the laptops in almost any language. Each laptop will also have dual operating systems, with one operating system being Open Source.  

X Lion
Top Coder
Git Hub
Stack Overflow
Brain Storming
Free BSD

Touch Screen
The PC will also have Touch Screen Tablet PC capabilities so that people can practice hand writing and sketching without having to depend on paper. Screen Function for reading in low power. 

Pixel Qi
Reusable Whiteboard Planner, Notebook, Sketchbook

Durable Screen
Shatter Proof Screen Protector
SiO2 ultra-thin layering spray-on liquid glass is transparent, non-toxic, and can protect virtually any surface against almost any damage from hazards such as water, UV radiation, dirt, heat, and bacterial infections. The coating is also flexible and breathable, which makes it suitable for use on an enormous array of products. (FillGlass Nanotechnolgy).
Sapphire Crystal (youtube)
Sapphire (wiki)
Gorilla Glass
Liquid Metal
Kyocera Brigadier
I Cracked Repair
Nushield eliminates glare and reflections.  
Paper Like: World’s First E Ink Monitor - 13.3”
Nano Structures
Durable new omniphobic coating repels just about every known liquid.

Rugged Computer is a computer specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh usage environments and conditions, such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions. They are designed from inception for the type of rough use typified by these conditions, not just in the external housing but in the internal components and cooling arrangements as well. In general, ruggedized and hardened computers share the same design robustness and frequently these terms are interchangeable. Typical environments for rugged laptops, tablet PCs and PDAs are public safety, field sales, field service, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation/distribution and the military. They are used in the agricultural industries, and by individuals for outdoor recreation activities.

Each laptop will have a Washable Keyboard that has Multi-Colored Keys. The number pad can be removed and used as a
Gaming Console or a hand held Calculator
Water Proofing
Ergodox-ez Mechanical Keyboard 
COMET: World's First Floating Smartphone
Moky: Invisible Touchpad Keyboard
Keyboard Science
Science Kits
How to use a Keyboard

Case - Body
Will be made by Molding, Injection Molding or Casting from Biodegradable Plastic
Synthetic Resin
Thermosetting Polymer
Resin Casting
3-D Printing
Engineering Knowledge

Each Laptop will be Customizable, Expandable, Durable, Versatile, Recyclable, Biodegradable, will have Backward Compatibility, and Forward Compatibility and be Easily Repairable. 
Ending Planned Obsolescence
i fix it
Repair Clinic
Repair Cafe
DIY Resources
Americans spent more than $23.5 billion repairing and replacing broken smartphones between 2007 and 2014. In 2013, an analyst reported that Apple hoped to save $1 billion by repairing broken iPhones instead of replacing them.
Reusing Old Electronics
How To Make Phones Without So Much Waste (Circular Cellular) (video)
Fair Phone

Each Laptop will also come with an Assembly Manual, Schematic, Parts List, Trouble Shooting Guide and an Operators Manual or instruction manual. It will also be installed digitally so that it may be reviewed and printed out anytime in the language of their choice. Software updates and hardware upgrades will be done by the owner of the laptop or by a qualified technician when needed, and of course it will be free with each laptop.

'Unauthorized' Repairman Fixes A Macbook With Simple Logic, Explains Why Apple Repair Is A Massive Joke.
How unauthorized idiots repair Apple laptops. (youtube)
Vinay Venkatraman: Technology Crafts (video)
Solar Mamas (youtube)
Computer Knowledge

Building and Open Source Laptop
Open Source Hardware
Arrow Electronics Components
Open Source Computing
Open Source Software
Flash Drive OS

Surplus Used Computers
Public Surplus
Liquidation Wholesale Computers
Outlet PC
Pacific Geek
Gov Liquidation
Guy Builds A $70 Hackintosh That Outperforms The $1,300+ 2016 Macbook Pro (youtube)
Electronics Recycling (E-Waste)

Single Board Computers
Parallella 18-core credit card sized computer, 1GB SDRAM, Open source design files. Video  Video
Parallel Computing is when calculations are carried out simultaneously. Multitasking
Parallel Computation Provides Deeper Insight into Brain Function
Princeton Piton Processor is scalable from a dozen processing units (called cores) to several thousand.
UDOO X86 Arduino 101-compatible platform. Quad Core 64-bit new-generation x86 processors made by Intel.
Pine64 is a 64-Bit expandable single board computer
Lattepanda Windows 10 computer on a single board.
Black Swift powerful CPU, integrated Wi-Fi and USB interface, Programming languages from C/C++ to PHP and Python
64 MB DDR2 RAM and 16 MB NOR flash. Over 25 GPIO's.
Raspberry Pi Laptop you build yourself
Raspberry Pi
Pi-2 Model B
Pi-TopCeed 99 Dollar Raspberry Pi-Laptop PC
Kano (Computer Building Kit)
Mi-World Portable Computing
Ockel Sirius A: Mini PC with Windows 10
VoCore2: $4 Coin-sized Linux Computer with WiFi.
Get Chip
9 Dollar Computer
Chip: 9 Dollar Computer
Everyone who gets a computer should know how it works, know to build one and how to write the code.
Three Dimensional Integrated Circuit 3D Chip Stacking.
Reduced Instruction Set Computing
ARM Architecture reduced instruction set computing.
Batch Processing the execution of a series of programs each on a set or "batch" of inputs, rather than a single input.
Principles of Grid Generation
Legacy System
MATRIX Voice Recognition: Board Designed for the Raspberry Pi or Stand-alone with ESP32 (WiFi/BT/MCU).

Eve V: The First-Ever Crowd Developed Computer. Developed By The End Users, over 1000 people have collaborated. Supreme Hardware. Scandinavian Design. Items included: V Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB ROM..V Pen...Alcantara Keyboard.
Teres-A64-Black Do It Yourself Open Source Hardware and Software Hacker's friendly Modular Laptop.

Chuwi SurBook: Affordable 2-in-1 Intel PC Tablet. High Performance w/ WIN10. 6GB RAM + up to 128GB ROM. 1,024 pressure levels pen & portable keyboard.

Turn any TV into a Computer
Wio Link Deluxe Plus Kit
Hax Hardware Accelerator
VoCore is open hardware and that runs OpenWrt. It has WIFI, USB, UART, 20+ GPIOs but is only one inch square. Full hardware design including schematic, circuit board, bill of materials; full source code (including boot loader), operating system (openwrt) and applications.
Novena Open Source Motherboard
Rush PCB 
3D Printed Circuit Boards
The EX1 Rapid 3D Printing of Circuit Boards
3-D Printers
Circuit Board Components
PCB Software is a free and open-source software suite for electronic design automation (EDA) - for printed circuit boards (PCB) layout. It uses GTK+ for its GUI widgets.
Computer Parts
Parts Express
Altium PC Board Design Software
Parts & Tools
Inter Digital
Clear view Audio   Blog 
Electrical Components
Biodegradable, wood-based computer chips 
Nanocellulose (nano technology)
Solid State Drive
My Digital Discount
Conflict Mineral Free
Nvidia Tegra-4
Batteryless Chips
Computer Knowledge
Science Tools
Samsung Techwin

Pick and Place Machines
SMT Placement Equipment are robotic machines which are used to place surface-mount devices (SMDs) onto a printed circuit board (PCB). They are used for high speed, high precision placing of broad range of electronic components, like capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits onto the PCBs which are in turn used in computers, consumer electronics as well as industrial, medical, automotive, military and telecommunications equipment.

Samsung SM482 Flexible, SMART Pick & Place Machine (youtube)

Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). An electronic device so made is called a surface-mount device (SMD). In the industry it has largely replaced the through-hole technology construction method of fitting components with wire leads into holes in the circuit board. Both technologies can be used on the same board, with the through-hole technology used for components not suitable for surface mounting such as large transformers and heat-sinked power semiconductors. An SMT component is usually smaller than its through-hole counterpart because it has either smaller leads or no leads at all. It may have short pins or leads of various styles, flat contacts, a matrix of solder balls (BGAs), or terminations on the body of the component.

Heller Industries SMT Reflow Oven is a machine used primarily for reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards (PCB).

Each laptop would also have video and audio instructions on how to use the laptop incase the person has no computer skills.
The PC will also have an easy to use Interface that can be easily customized for each skill level and age.  
Interaction Design

GPD Pocket: 7.0' UMPC-Laptop 'Ubuntu or WIN 10 OS' More than just thin but also small, small to fit in your pocket!
Gemini PDA Android & Linux keyboard mobile device

Software (examples)

These are examples of what kind of software will come with each Hope Laptop PC. The Goal is to have 20,000 Hrs. worth of Educational Courses and Knowledge installed on each PC Starting from Childbirth, K through 12, College Level Courses with Tests and Information. Flash Drives will also be used to store each subject and course material separately with each flash drive storing each years knowledge requirements or particular subject material. Having education stored on Flash Drives gives the option to use any computer to learn.

Always back up your School Work and Data with a Flash Drive or External Hard Drive (amazon)
Student Home Learning System (DVD & CD-Rom) (Win/Mac) [Old Version] (amazon)
Academic Fitness Elementary School (Weekly Reader) (amazon)
101 Languages of the World (amazon)
Sandisk Extreme SDSDRX3128GA21 128GB SDXC UHS-1 Memory Card (amazon)

Each Laptop will also come with it's own Cell Phone (Smartphone) that has a Digital Camera that also shots Video. Each Cell Phone will be customizable, expandable, durable, versatile, recyclable and easily repairable just like the PC. Each cell phone will have a built in flash drive, an AM and FM Radio, a Walkie-talkie feature and Satellite Capabilities. Each cell phone will have a protective cover that doubles as a solar charger.

Cellphone Info

NexDock: Turn your Smartphone into a Laptop transforms Windows 10 smartphones, mini PCs, tablets and more into a Laptop.

Connect to a Raspberry Pi computer and create the world’s most affordable full-size laptop. Thanks to USB Type-C, better integrated mini PCs with a range of processors and operating systems. A computer that one day you can use as Chromebook, and the next day as an Ubuntu developer laptop. Imagine a longer lasting computer that you can easily upgrade and customize to become a powerful Windows gamer laptop.

Each Laptop and Cell Phone, or any other accessories, will not have Planned Obsolescence incorporated into its design. Everything will be manufactured using the Cradle to Cradle design and will be built to last like the Centennial Light Bulb.
The laptops will have the ability to be manufactured in each country where they are used. This way people will have quick deliveries and quick repairs when needed. This will also create manufacturing jobs and technician jobs in each country. Manufacturing most of the PC components in each country will also save on shipping. Will be able to use 3-D Printers to make some of its parts if needed. This open source laptop with open source operating system will be designed so that it is easily upgradable, made from abundant resources with almost zero environmental impacts, recyclable, reusable, easily repairable and long lasting from Cradle to Cradle. The laptop can be mass produced and assembled or sold as a kit, with all the necessary instructions to build your own Hope PC, and make your own upgrades or repairs. 
The End of Ownership (VPRO Backlight, 47:52)

Product Sabotage is a practice used to encourage the customer to purchase a more profitable product or service as opposed to cheaper alternatives. It is also the practice where a company attempts to aim different prices at different types of customer.

Each PC will have the PI (π) symbol because it represents one of the most important mathematical constants, and this PC will be constantly improving, just like its operators.

We want a Librem Tablet that Does Not Track You, but we also need to locate stolen laptops, so we need a way to do this without tracking. People can turn off tracking but if the PC is stolen, the locator can be turned on.

Hardware  (examples)
Laptop PC Interface
These are examples of some of the Hardware that will come with each Hope Laptop PC.
Laptop Examples of Ultimate Convertible Touchscreen Computers
Dell XPS 12 Convertible Touch Ultrabook
Dell Latitude XT2 XFR
Panasonic Toughbook 18 Tablet PC (amazon)
ASUS T91 (amazon)
Netbooks (amazon)
The HP TX2-1270US if they made this more durable with a flash drive or Solid-State Drive.

If you make the Smart Phone act like a Mouse and a Remote you can use the External Mouse bay for something else, like a Multi-tool or an extra Battery. A flat Apple's Magic Mouse would work too.
Foldable Mouse with Bluetooth

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Laptop

Computer Mouse or Touch Screen?
Mouse vs Fingers Input Device
can Wireless Scanner Mouse

Atmel Touch Solutions Sensor Hub
Lenovo Thinkpad Twist Series
Mobile Mouse
Duopad Trackpad
Moky Invisible Touchpad Keyboard

The Stylus Pen is for Onscreen Drawing and writing. Can also write on paper.
01: World's First Dimensioning Instrument capture dimensions of any object. (pen, pencil or stylus).
Custom Controls
Live Scribe Wifi Smart Pen

Laptop Stand (makes the laptop eye level)

"Time Management" feature will tell you how long you have been in each PC category  so that you are aware of how you are balancing your time on the PC and away from the PC.
Rescue Time

The Benefits of using Video as a Teaching Tool

Menu Sample
Below shows one way to guide people to the information they seek. Interface that can be Customized.

Menu for Water

Mind Map Style
Question  & Answer Interface Styles

Just the beginning of the Education Axiom....


Sharing Knowledge with a Larger Audience  -  Classroom Teaching using One Laptop

One Hope PC Laptop with a Micro Projectors or Digital Projection could help teach 30 kids or more a day. You could also Wirelessly Stream PC to a Big Screen TV so more kids can view the lessons and instructions.

Projector is an optical device that projects an image (or moving images) onto a surface, commonly a projection screen. Most projectors create an image by shining a light through a small transparent lens, but some newer types of projectors can project the image directly, by using lasers. A virtual retinal display, or retinal projector, is a projector that projects an image directly on the retina instead of using an external projection screen.

Video Projector is an image projector that receives a video signal and projects the corresponding image on a projection screen using a lens system. All video projectors use a very bright light to project the image, and most modern ones can correct any curves, blurriness, and other inconsistencies through manual settings.

Slide Projector is an opto-mechanical device for showing photographic slides.

Projection Screen is used for displaying a projected image for the view of an audience.

Overhead Projector is used to display images onto a projection screen or wall.

Screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture, often containing audio narration. The term screencast compares with the related term screenshot; whereas screenshot generates a single picture of a computer screen, a screencast is essentially a movie of the changes over time that a user sees on a computer screen, enhanced with audio narration.

Wireless HDMI
LG Expo Mobile Projector
Aaxa Tech
Light Blue Optics
Nikon Coolpix S1000
Touchpico Touch Screen
Beam Labs
Touchjet Wave: Turn your TV into a Touchscreen
Duet Display
sProjector - The first powerful Mini TV projector 1920x1080 / 1000 lumens projection / 5 Hours Battery life / 15,000 hours lamp life.
JmGO View Projector: A Theater In Your Backpack
Beam Screw it in and have fun! The smart projector that fits in any light socket!
Rif 6 Cube Projector for phone, tablet or laptop with 120-inch display, LED & optical lens technology that lasts up to 20,000 hours.
SPUD - Spontaneous 24" Pop-Up Display that collapses & expands like an umbrella. Connect to any mobile device!
Egger: Interactive Learning Projector For Kids
H1: Immersive Home Theater That Fits In Your Hands High-end theater experience w/5min setup | 1080p LED projector, Harman Kardon stereo & Android OS.
ODIN2: Projector - WiFi + Bluetooth with Camera and microphone to allow video and voice calls. 300 lumens of brightness with native HD resolution of 1280p x 720 and maximum resolution of 1080p. 37” screen size, and a 110” screen size from 3 yards.
Aiptek apex series 100 Pocket Projector
Oracle High End Projector w/ 500 ANSI Lumens, 180” HD Display, Built-In Speakers, 4.5 Hours Battery & more.

As you go to sleep use the projector to project for words on the ceiling for things that you want to remember or learn.

24 Hour Assistance - Teacher Avatar

Each PC will also have a Artificial Intelligent Virtual Animated Teaching Avatar that will guide the student through all the subjects and computer programs if needed. The Teacher Avatar will encompass all the best qualities and skills that every teacher should possess. The student may also modify the avatar. So they can choose male or female, and choose body type or nationality. And if the student prefers a real person or tutor to communicate with, then they can do so with the built in webcam and internet connection.

Intelligent Tutoring System is a computer system that aims to provide immediate and customized instruction or feedback to learners, usually without intervention from a human teacher. Tutoring Online

Cognitive Tutor s a particular kind of intelligent tutoring system that utilizes a cognitive model to provide feedback to students as they are working through problems. This feedback will immediately inform students of the correctness, or incorrectness, of their actions in the tutor interface; however, cognitive tutors also have the ability to provide context-sensitive hints and instruction to guide students towards reasonable next steps.

Adaptive Learning uses computers as interactive teaching devices, and to orchestrate the allocation of human and mediated resources according to the unique needs of each learner. Computers adapt the presentation of educational material according to students' learning needs, as indicated by their responses to questions, tasks and experiences. The technology encompasses aspects derived from various fields of study including computer science, education, psychology, and brain science.

Voice Activated - Intelligent Agent - Expert System

Intelligent Software Assistant is a software agent that can perform tasks or services for an individual. These tasks or services are based on user input, location awareness, and the ability to access information from a variety of online sources (such as weather or traffic conditions, news, stock prices, user schedules, retail prices, etc.).

Q&A Technology

24 - 7 Information Stations

Teaching Machine - Artificial Intelligent Teaching Avatar

Virtual Reality - Kinect can also be used as education tool and training tool

Learning Styles - Teaching Methods

e-Estonia e-School

Automatic Tutors giving feedback, allowing students to go at their own pace and recommending lessons based on a student's previous work.

Avatar Samples
Second Life - Teacher Avatar Example
Zoe (youtube)
Face Works (youtube)
Site Pal
HyperLand (youtube) - 1990 Douglas Adams documentary about the web before it was really there.

"Hi, I'm Avatar Howie, I have over 2 million words in my vocabulary in many different languages that can be used in thousands of different ways to communicate with you. My last update as 12/14/2015. How can I help you?"

Intelligent Tutor

24-7 Information Operators - Having a Central Database

The internet in a lot of ways already acts like a Central Database where you type in a question in your Search Engine Browser and you usually get an answer, that's if you know how to ask a question and know how to analyze the answers. That's why it would be necessary for the Central Database to have 24 Hr. Operator Assistance so that anyone who does not have experience Searching the internet can get the help they need. You already have people doing this type of work already.

Website Customer Service
Live Chat Operator for Website
24-7 Agents
E-Virtual Services
24/7 Virtual Assistants
Virtua Helper 24/7
Live Person
Virtual Phone Auto-Attendant
Tasks Every Day
Mayday button from Kindle (youtube)
Information Stations
Tutors (video conferencing)

Video Lessons about various subjects is a great teaching tool. Imagine a teacher video taping their best teaching methods on a particular subject. Now imagine other teachers watching this video and learning from these techniques, or even better, making a new video discussing how they found new ways to improve these same teaching methods. Video can be compressed to take up less space without sacrificing quality. So now we can make education available to more students and improve teaching methods and strategies at the same time.

Using Digital Technology for Education

Computer-Generated Virtual Human Interviewers find that soldiers are more likely to open up about post-traumatic stress when interviewed by a virtual interviewer, a safe way to get feedback anonymous.

It would be great to use something like the Popcorn Webmaker to add more information and knowledge about any subject that is being discussed in any film. Helping the viewer understand more about what is happening in the film, and also explain any misunderstandings or inaccuracy's that may be in the film that may have misinformation or not enough information. This way you can minimize the possibility of misleading the viewer into believing something that is inaccurate.

Music as a Teaching Tool

HyperLand (youtube)

Classroom of the future will be like Holodeck from Star Trek and the Loading Program from the Matrix. If you don't have four empty walls then you can have three totally white walls to project images on and play sound from, with the windows of the room at your back. Total submersion into a subject, interactive and adjustable, making learning an incredible and enjoyable journey. The room would also have a digital display that would show temperature, oxygen level, humidity and other environmental factors to guarantee that the student has a comfortable learning environment. 

Immersion (virtual reality) 

In conjunction with the building of the Hope PC the Complete Education System will also be created.
So Curriculum Designers, Software Designers, Engineers and thousands of Teachers will also be used.

First Step is to build the first proto type PC. Open Design Make the first laptop a kit so that anyone can order the parts and build it themselves and give feedback on how to improve it. Via openbook
Second Step will be perfecting this computer and all it's components, software and accessories. Components
Third Step would be the manufacture setup. Once I have a Laptop that is a clear example of what this PC should have and how this PC should operate, I will then look for Investors and volunteers to help distribute the Laptops to everyone who needs them, starting with the less fortunate people who have limited means or have limited access to good schools, which happens to be almost every human on the planet. Sponsoring a child just took on a new definition. And if each person who receives the PC promises to share it with others we can help educate more people even faster.
Forth Step would be training thousands of teachers and people how to use and maintain each PC. Then those people would train other people how to use and maintain the PC. Each person who receives training would receive their own PC and repeat the process. A test, similar to a drivers license test would be used to determine if a person is allowed to operate and own this PC.
Of course this is just a guideline to help deter theft and abuse and will most likely be modified depending on the needs of people. Each person who receives this PC must also fully understand the responsibilities that come with having an extremely important and powerful tool. Some of the first people to get these laptops will be teachers so they can use the PC as a teaching tool. Teachers would also be able to determine what students would benefit the most from having their own laptop. Mothers will also be first in line to receive these laptops. Mothers know the importance of education and deeply care about their children and their future. I will also work on a Pledge or a test that would help pick out the best candidates so that anyone with a thirst for knowledge can receive a laptop that would help advance their learning capabilities. But of course it will take more then a pledge or a promise for children to do the right thing because some children are already Incorrectly Educated and lack the abilities to learn or have no willingness to learn and possess very little Self-discipline. So children who are eager to learn and who possess
self-discipline will be the most favorable candidates for these laptops, though it will not be a prerequisite.

Project Management Problem Solving

Information Stations

Timely and Reliable Information 24 Hours a day

Link.nyc replace over 7,500 pay phones across the five boroughs with new structures called Links. Each Link will provide superfast, free public Wi-Fi, phone calls, device charging and a tablet for access to city services, maps and directions.

Smart City 24x7 Protect started before 11/21/2012. Was not exactly what it should be, but it was close, the most important thing is that it showed Information Stations can be done.

Interactive kiosk is a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, and education.

IPad style Touch screen with internet connection that is on 24 hours a day. Like a pay-phone that is placed in locations through a town or city where Residents and Tourists can quickly look up information, send e-mail, find directions, find phone numbers, look up events, times and dates for town meetings, city information, public transportation, find addresses of services, see the current issues that are plaguing the City, and view websites and so on. Similar to the Smart City 24x7 Protect, and the Instant Complaint Logging Internet Kiosk (ICLICK) in India, and the Hole in the Wall in India, and the Entune Infotainment System.

Information Station

Link NYC Information kiosk

The information station can also have a 24 hour video operator to assist people like the Mayday button from Kindle, the operator will also see who they are talking to if needed.  
ENGO Charging Station (video) 

The Solar Box above is also a good idea. A Personal Information Station, when occupied the windows automatically tints black.
When someone else wants to use it, they push a button to let the person on the inside know they have 10 minutes left. Then a digital clock on the inside and outside will count down the minutes left. The connection will only end when the door opens. The person inside will be able to see who's on the outside.

Information Attendants

24 - 7 Database Operators - Customer Service

Question & Answer Systems

Open Curriculum

Portable Information Station Servers  -  Voice-Activated Assistants

Lantern is anonymous portable library that constantly receives free data from space.

Ezeecube Expandable Smart Media Centre Backup Photos, Videos and Documents, Send to and from any device.

Cubic Personal AI

Daplie: The Cloud System to Take Back the Internet freedom to privacy, ownership, and security with your own "plug & play" home server.

Amazon Echo (youtube)

Shae: Siri for Your Health Real-Time Health & Nutrition Advice Via Interactive Voice & Text On Your Phone, Watch or Computer.

ivee: Talking to Your Home is No Longer Sci-Fi

Smart Home Systems (monitoring - security)

RAID is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into a single logical unit for the purposes of data redundancy, performance improvement, or both.

Robots (robotics)

Flash Drives

Decision Making - Collaboration Tools

The information station will also be a website with the exact same features so that anyone can use it anywhere in the world and also be able to familiarize themselves with the interface. The IS can also have Speech Recognition that would recognize the language of the person who speaks in front of the Information station and then the IS would match the text, voice and symbols of that language. Have an Ai with Personality. Maybe have the IS ask questions like "How can I help you?"  And then show symbols like water, food, shelter, health, services and directions. You should also have the Information stations at bus stops and other public transportation areas. The IS could also have a solar panel roof so that it does not have to depend on external power, will also have a Battery Backup incase of power outages. The I.S. should also have a button to change the interface. The Information Station can also be a large 40" LCD Touch Screen that has a Digital Fish Tank or Digital Forest Animals or photo slide show, images of public art or even a short movie. The Screen will display a continues movie of fish swimming by, and when you touch a fish it will tell you its name and the locations where that fish can be found around the world. Also display estimated numbers. The same concept with animals. Where birds and other land animals walk by or fly by in slow motion and when you touch the animal it will tell you everything about the animal. We have to make information and knowledge available to everyone, so the key is in the delivery. Information input must have different starting points, information must also be in different mediums, so depending on the persons age and skill level they can easily self direct themselves. You then should have basic instructions on how this particular information is usually processed. Libraries should also have Information and Knowledge Stations for Self Education and Emergencies.  

Information Graphics (visualization)
The Information Age
Social Education  

Information Card
Information Card are personal digital identities that people can use online.

World Monitoring System (beta)
Country Management
Digital Services
18 F
Chief Information Officers Council

Information Literacy
Open Collaborations
The Power of the Internet
Artificial Intelligence

Safecast global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements to empower people with data about their environments.

Laptops for Hospital Patients

When I visited my father in the hospital a saw him watching TV and thought how depressing and wasteful it was. Instead of TV hospitals should offer laptops to patients so that they can educate themselves about their condition or disease and also keep learning, working and stay connected to family and friends. They can also watch their favorite program or movie at their own time without disturbing other patients. So Candy Stripers would bring more then just books. More than 40% of American seniors don’t use the internet at all.

Hospitals with Internet Access
PC Pal
Bedside Geripads
Roll Top PC
I Got it Too
Apps For Seniors 

Laptops for Senior Citizens
There are many benefits of having a computer. Besides being an extension of our Working Memory and Short Term Memory, computers save us enormous amount of time by calculating things within seconds. And when computers are incorporated into a Robots, then we will have the best of both worlds.

What Computers can help you do..
Listen to Music.
Video chat with a friend or loved one.
Keep track of birthdays, appointments and special events.
Make a schedule, or review your schedule.
Make a list of things you want to do, review your goals for today.
Read your local newspapers.
Read news stories from around the world.
Get notifications on community events.
Watch a movie.
Look at photographs.
Research medications.
Review your medical history.
Write a letter or read a letter.
Read a book.
Listen to an audio book.
Make a phone call.
Make a list of all your important addresses and phone numbers.
Find a new friend using a dating website.
Write a book.
Learn something new.
Earn a College degree.
Start an online business.
Mentor or teach someone.
Find a new hobby.
Join a club or start a club.
Manage your finances.
Purchase products that you need.
Send flowers to someone.
Send and receive money.
Write or call your Representative or Senator.
Write or call your Local or Federal Government.
Report a crime.
Sign a Petition.
Keep track of time and dates.
Set alarm clock reminders.
And yes, you can Even Play Games.
Brain Games that can help keep cognition strong,
like learning something new everyday.

Things that Smartphones Can Do

"Learning to live in the moment will always have benefits. It keeps the old from dwelling to much in the past, and keeps the young from getting to lost in future dreams."

Your Life on a Jump Drive

Knowledge is Key Flash Memory Drive Now that you can carry portable memory with over a hundred gig of information on a key chain a person can literally carry their life’s work in their pocket where ever they go. A person can carry their diary, education, photos, favorite music, favorite movies, health information, family history, achievements, favorite activities, favorite sports, and anything else they can digitize. Of course the jump drive would be Encrypted with the password that is only known by close family members and friends. If all the knowledge and information that is contained on these flash drives were to be shared into a central database we could accumulate information and knowledge that could be used to make improvements. We can learn a lot from each other but only if we are given a way to share our thoughts and ideas.

Run Programs and Operating System from USB, or Smartphone
Source Forge
Slax USB on Ubuntu
UNetbootin (wiki)
Intel Compute Stick

Ubiquitous Computing (ai)
Embedded System is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints.

PC Card is a configuration for computer parallel communication peripheral interface, designed for laptop computers. PCMCIA

Lego Brick Jump Drive If you can save everything on a your jump drive, even save your settings and preferred operating system, then any Hope PC can be your PC, no matter where you are in the world. That makes the HPC easy to share, and easy to replace. 

Neptune Suite: One Hub Infinite Possibilities
Xtra PC

Corsdrive World's Fastest USB 3.0 Mini Flash Drive New 512GB Micro thumb drive for Apple iPhone, Android, Mac and PC has USB 3.0 speed.

Verbatim TUFF 'N' TINY 32 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (amazon)

USB Flash Drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated USB interface. USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable, and physically much smaller than an optical disc. Most weigh less than 30 grams (1.1 oz). (also variously known as a USB drive, USB stick, thumb drive, pen drive, jump drive, disk key, disk on key, flash-drive, memory stick or USB memory).

Non-Volatile Memory is a type of computer memory that can retrieve stored information even after having been power cycled (turned off and back on). The opposite of non-volatile memory is volatile memory which needs constant power in order to prevent data from being erased.

Flash Memory wears out after being programmed and erased about 10,000 times.

Tomorrow Land Hope PC Pin Jump Drive Memory Storage HOPE PC Tomorrow Land Jump Drive Pin Pendant
The Future is counting on You......Keep Learning
"Tomorrowland has been stolen from us, it's time to take back our future, it's time to control our own destinies, and not let ignorant and greedy corporations and government leaders drive us to into obliteration."

Klips: World's fastest flash drive for iphone ipad
Pocket Drive Hard Drive for iphone ipad android
Revault: world's first wearable private cloud
iShowFast: World's Fastest iPhone, iPad Flash Drive

An Elite College in your Hands.
There are also smaller Flash Memory Drives that the Main Educational Courses will be stored on. They are very durable and can hold Video Instructions, Images, Tests and Information about each subject in Basic Knowledge 101.

Cubans buy memory sticks, also known as flash drives or pen drives, because 95 % don't have internet connection. They use them to buy weekly ‘paquetes’ of foreign movies, music, or news, on the island’s black market.

Education on a Stick (the whole world in your hands)

Complete Education on Flash Memory Drives Flex Card: Universal Data Storage for all Devices

Portable Backup Systems

Our memories give us the ability to save information and knowledge and take it with us were ever we go, So it only makes sense to have the best knowledge and information that the world has to offer. Why carry useless information when you can carry the worlds most valuable information and knowledge.

Low-Current, Highly Integrable Spintronics Device Developed
Use of Ion Conducting Solid Electrolyte Created a Breakthrough. A Step toward Realization of Low-Current High-Capacity Memory Devices. A device capable of controlling magnetism at a lower current level than conventional spintronics devices.

Knowledge Preservation

Technology Warnings

Technology is an incredible tool, and an amazing extension of our intelligence, but that's only when technology is used effectively and efficiently. Technology can save time, but technology can also waste time. Technology can connect us, but technology can also disconnect us. So the problem is not technology, the problem is education. We need an education that teaches students effective ways on how to use technology effectively, efficiently and productively. People need to understand what technology is, and what technology isn't. Remember ‘Technology’ is just a tool. The major problem with Technology is that there are not enough qualified people who are skilled enough to know how to use technology effectively and efficiently or is there enough experienced people who have enough skills to teach others how to use technology effectively and efficiently. And of course this means that there are not enough knowledgeable people to fully understand the potential of technology, or know when to implement its use. Just like any tool, if it’s not used properly it will not help. And if you don’t teach people how to use tools properly, then those tools will be wasted just like every other tool in human history. We train and educate people so that they can drive cars safely and productively. So who’s training people how to use computers and cell phones safely and productively? And just because people are wasting technology or misusing and abusing technology, this does not mean that it’s not helping civilization. So technology by itself cannot fix our enormous problems like poverty, starvation and education. Incompetence is not the fault of technology, it is the fault of poorly educated humans. And to use technology to say that technology is not helping is not just Contradictory, it’s completely ignorant. Don’t blame the tool or the technology. Blame our education system that fails to teach students basic skills, knowledge and proper behavior. A laptop can’t teach everything to a child, but it can help teach a child who has no teacher or no school, as long as they know how to use the PC effectively and efficiently. It boils down to maximizing our actions and fully understanding our best choices and using our tools effectively. So communicating this information and knowledge is extremely important. You have to be clear when showing people the ways they can help. And technology can definitely help speed up this process. This is why every HOPE PC will have instructions on how to use technology effectively and efficiently. The easy to understand instructions will be in a video format and in writing. One of the responsibilities that technology needs to have is to teach the person how to solve problems without using technology. Technology will give you the answer, but it should also show you how the answer was obtained. You don't want technology to replace your brain, because when the technology is gone or not working, then you will not have the necessary brain power to solve problems on your own, a problem that could save your life. Avoiding dependencies will make you less vulnerable. Using voice activated software to search the internet should also be secondary. Hearing words is not as effective as reading words because you can analyze words more carefully when reading them verses just listening to words. Plus you don't want to encourage people not to read and write. Some technology tools are more beneficial to people with disabilities, and less beneficial to people without disabilities.

Digital Literacy Project works with communities to expand access to technology through improved digital literacy. In Boston, we teach introductory computer science classes to middle school students.

People can remember their experiences, but they seldom remember what they have learned from those experiences. We gain knowledge all through our life, but most people choose to remember only their experiences, and they remember very little of what they have learned during and in between those experiences. We are not using our brains the way we should, just like when we misuse technology, it does more harm then good. You inadvertently reduce the benefits of having a brain, a brain with incredible memory capacity and processing abilities. If you are to teach only one thing to a student, it would have to be The Power of Learning. Our most prized asset is our mind. Schools need to seriously rethink what knowledge and skills students need to learn, and when they should be learning them.

Non Thinking Man with Smartphone Cognitive Offloading is the tendency to rely on things like the Internet as a memory-aid. Spending less time consulting our own memory to recall things could diminish our memory and the power of our own brain. Just like any dependency or addiction, there are consequences, with this one being diminishing brain power, which is extremely dangerous. But of course we can't remember everything or remember every little detail, especially things that are irrelevant. So not all offloading is bad.

If I'm using my smartphone to look up useless information, then that's a good thing. It's when I have to look up valuable knowledge and information that I should already know, now that's a bad thing. So technology is good, human ignorance is bad.

The Google Effect is an inclination to forget information which we can easily find online. Depends on the information of course. It's best to save information and write down the most important information. Knowledge Preservation is extremely important.

Brain Chip (implants)

Digital Amnesia is when people tend to forget information that can be immediately retrieved from a digital device. Writing something down will always help you to remember it, and writing something down will always help you if you forget it. Store the good stuff in your brain, and store important details on a reliable medium. "Just having your cellphone with you can reduce your brain power".

The Extended Mind are objects within the environment function as a part of the mind, like technology. The mind and the environment can act as a "coupled system".

Avoiding Information Overload - Don't Pretend to know more then you do.

Extended Cognition is the view that mental processes and mind extend beyond the body to include aspects of the environment in which an organism is embedded and the organism's interaction with that environment.

Distributed Cognition is when cognitive processes may be distributed across the members of a social group.

External Memory (psychology) is the opposite of internal memory. When a person uses something beside his/her own internal memory tricks, traits, or talents to help him/her remember certain events, facts, or even things to do, the person is using an external memory aid. External memory aids are used every day. A large part of these aids come from technology; people use their smartphones to remind them when they have meetings and Facebook reminds people of their friends' birthdays. These aids also include taking notes in class, carrying a grocery list to the supermarket, or jotting down dates on a planner. Even people, or prompters, can be used as external memory aids. Try not to Transfer your Responsibilities.

Automation Paradox: Our dependence on smart technology has led to a paradox. As the technology improves, it becomes more reliable and more efficient. And because it’s reliable and efficient, human operators start to depend on it even more. Eventually they lose focus, become distracted, and check out, leaving the system to run on its own. This is fine until something unexpected happens. The unexpected reveals the value of human beings; what we bring to the table is the flexibility to handle new situations. Machines aren’t collaborating in pursuit of a joint goal; they are merely serving as tools. So when the human operator gives up oversight, the system is more likely to have a serious accident. Automated Safety Systems leads to a dependence on them, and that this dependence undermines the contribution of the human operator, leading to greater danger. Pilots have become too reliant on Automation and lack basic manual flying skills, leaving them unable to cope in unusual circumstances. If the designer of the program has not thought of a situation that the machine does not know how to respond to, and that situation in fact occurs, the machine is going to do the wrong thing. So a critical role for human beings is oversight—just being there in case something goes terribly wrong. The big danger today is that no one has access to all the knowledge necessary to understand and control modern sophisticated technology. And technology is getting more sophisticated at an even faster rate than ever.

Digital Literacy is the knowledge, skills, and behaviors used in a broad range of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, all of which are seen as network rather than computing devices.

Internet Culture is the culture that has emerged, or is emerging, from the use of computer networks for communication, entertainment, and business. Internet culture is also the study of various social phenomena associated with the Internet and other new forms of the network communication, such as online communities, online multi-player gaming, wearable computing, social gaming, social media, mobile apps, augmented reality, and texting, and includes issues related to identity, privacy, and network formation.

Technology and Society refers to cyclical co-dependence, co-influence, and co-production of technology and society upon the other (technology upon culture, and vice versa). This synergistic relationship occurred from the dawn of humankind, with the invention of simple tools and continues into modern technologies such as the printing press and computers. The academic discipline studying the impacts of science, technology, and society, and vice versa is called science and technology studies.

Critique of Technology is an analysis of adverse impacts of technologies. It is argued that, in all advanced industrial societies (not necessarily only capitalist ones), technology becomes a means of domination, control, and exploitation, or more generally something which threatens the survival of humanity.

21st Century Literacy
Web Literacy (PDF) IG
Technology Abuse
Media Literacy

When ignorant people do a study about how ineffective Computers are in the Classroom, they blame the Computer

Technophobia is the irrational fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers.

Digital Native is educators failure to understand the needs of modern students.


Just because you are given abilities does not guarantee that you will use them correctly.

Computers can be incredibly fast and incredibly accurate, but computers can also be inaccurate and slow. Humans can be incredibly fast and accurate, but humans can also be inaccurate and slow. Computers are the most powerful when they are faster and more accurate then a human, Humans are more powerful when they are faster and more accurate then a computer. Using a computer in the right way and at the right time is extremely important. using your mind in the right way and at the right time is extremely important. Using your mind and a computer in the right ways and at the right times can help maximize the power of both, if not they can cancel each other out.

"I'm not against technology, Doctor. I'm against the men who deify it at the expense of human truth." Quote from the 1997 Film "Contact"  -  Deify is to consider something as a God or Godlike.

Humans make computers, computers don't make humans. Humans make mistakes, that means computers can also make mistakes. Computers are one of the greatest tools that we have ever developed, but computers are still under development. The human mind is one of the greatest tools ever developed, but the human mind is still under development. A computer can answer a question, but a computer does not know if the answer is right or wrong, that is a humans job.

Cell phones with Internet access are only a weak and limited alternative and definitely not a replacement for a laptop or a desktop computer. But smartphones are still an amazing tool, if used correctly. A smartphone could be a great ‘A Learning Tool’, but the most people are not using them that way. A cell phone is another way of connecting to the internet, but not very efficiently. If a laptop computer is a window to the world then the cell phone is a very small window to the world that only opens halfway. And just having an internet connection does not say that you will actually use it correctly or effectively. A Smart Phone will not make you smarter, it will most likely make you more of an idiot, mostly because people waste time thinking technology is just a play thing for entertainment purposes. Imagine if you used your Brain as a play thing just to play games, yes you would grow up to be a Idiot. And to think that a cell phone will somehow bridge the Digital Divide between people is to optimistic. Our technology is just a tool, and we have many tools. Advances in technology does not level the playing field between the rich and the poor. Our social connections are not our primary platform for learning in everyday lives. Relying on other people for knowledge and information is only affective and reliable when those other people are actually learning new knowledge and acquiring new information. "Knowing a lot of people is good, but knowing a few people who know a lot is much better." Having access to more information does not necessarily mean that people will be more educated. Increased communication between people using mobile Social Media also does not mean that people will be more educated or informed. The potential of the Internet will be defined by how we use all our knowledge and information to help educate people, and not by giving kids more cell phones. To say that these systems are not open enough to allow innovation and learning from street-level knowledge is only true when something is false, like bad information. I’m not saying that cell phones don’t have potential, or that cell phones are not a useful and valuable tool, I’m just saying that the sharing of knowledge and information should not be so reliant on these tools that we use, but more importantly, that our knowledge and information needs to be accurate, organized and available to everyone no matter if they have a tool or not. Having a particular digital device or just having more technology tools will not make you smarter. The only way you become smarter and more knowledgeable is by knowing how to use the most reliable and the most important tool that every human has, which is the Human Brain. The human brain can learn how to make tools and learn how to use tools. But more importantly when the human brain is educated properly, the human brain also knows how to make sense of it all. And one of the things that the human brain makes sense of, is that itself is the most important and the most powerful tool a person has in their possession, and Technology can be a great extension of our Brains. So wasting our resources will not make us smarter. We have to use our resources intelligently, appropriately, affectively and efficiently. But even then that is only one step in our education process. We have a long way to go. Simply providing technology tools to people will not make them more educated or make their life any better. Teaching people how to make use of all the tools that we have, especially the tool in their head, is the only sure way of educating people and improving life for everyone. 

Estimated 1.6 million traffic accidents — nearly a third of all crashes — occur because a driver is talking on a cell phone or texting behind the wheel.

Affluent students were more likely to use computers for simulations or modeling. Low-income students were more likely to use computers for drill and practice exercises. Similar patterns of computer usage at home, where the academic benefits of home computers were greater for children from affluent families. 

Knowledge Gap

Teaching Technology
Is Technology just another word for Tool?

To say that technology does not replace teachers is a misleading and ignorant statement. That's like saying books don't replace teachers. But every student knows that education consists of reading a lot of books, and consists of reading a lot of papers and writings. And technology is just a nicer book because it's interactive, which increases learning speed, quantity and quality. Focus more on the knowledge and information and not just the tools that we use to transfer knowledge and information. Just because an ignorant society throws away millions of cell phones and computers every year does not mean that we are not benefiting from our technologies, all that says is that we are still ignorant in a lot of ways, even though we have the technologies that says we have intelligence. Education needs to improve. Bottom line.

"Being technologically mature will not save society, society has to be intellectually mature, then and only then will we succeed, because too many people look at computers as toys, when in fact, computers are one of the most powerful tools for learning."

"If a technology tool does not have a learning objective, or if it doesn't increase productivity beyond what it actually costs, then it's just a waste of time, people and resources. Everyone pays for stupid little gadgets even if you never buy one." 

Questions to ask when choosing a Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone?
Does the device play videos?
Does the device process Interactive Software?
Can the device be upgraded? Is the device repairable and recyclable?
Can the device use jump-drives and flash-drives so that the flow of information is not impeded in any way?
Do students know how to use technology effectively and efficiently?
But the bottom line is that technology is a total waste of money, time, people and resources if you only use technology to provide students with the same defective and dysfunctional curriculum that is destroying the minds of young people all over the world. Their Common core is just common crap. Ignorant people make horrible educators, thus they make horrible decisions, like buying over priced technology. Ignorant people are also easily corrupted by money, which is usually at the expense of everyone else. Kids need to be Activists when it comes to their future, because the idiots in charge don't care about the future of children. Most of them are just selfish scumbags.

What's inside a Cell Phone?
Why It Takes 75 Elements To Make Your Cell Phone (youtube) we can use smartphones to teach students about the elements.
What is a Mobile Phone?
Mobile Device Management
Fair Phone
Pay as you Go Phone

Open Source Mobile Phones (wiki)
Alcatelone Touch
Durable Cellphone
Sonim XP7: Rugged Smartphone  

XS Powercard Smartphone Smart Charger
Bluewire Hands Free Call Recording
Blu Products
Cyanogenmod OS

Modular Smartphone Phonebloks Update - Ara Prototype (youtube)
NK Labs
Phone Bloks
Similar Design for Hope PC
Light Phone

The Saygus V Squared Smartphone looks like the type of smartphone that could come with each Hope PC.
Turing Phone
Yotaphone Dual Screen Smartphone 

The Smartphone that comes with each Hope PC could also have a Credit Card Swipe and Bar Code Reader.

One Billion Cellphones are manufactured every year. There are roughly 6 billion active cell phones in the world, to bad they are not all top of the line Smartphones, but it clearly shows potential to get everyone access to information, knowledge, services and tools. 

More than 64 percent of Americans own smartphones.
Nearly half of U.S. homes don't have a landline and rely on cellphones instead, according to a federal report in 2015.

Smartphone's are just incredible now, it's totally amazing all the different things they can do.
Smartphones as Tools for Education

Smartphone Basics
Send and Receive Telephone Calls    Push to Talk
Telephone Number Directory for important phone numbers.
You can send and receive text messages and e-mail.
You can send and receive photos, documents and videos.
You can view websites on the world wide web.
You can search for information and services on the world wide web.
It's a Clock that tells the time, also in other time zones around the world.
It's an Alarm Clock.
It's a Music Player.
It's a Camera that takes photographs. Lensta Lens Professional Lens for your smart phone
It's a Video Camera that records videos. Klikr Modular Case with built-in 16 Megapixel Robotic Camera
Live cell imaging made cheap using smartphone and 3D printer
It has a Flash Drive to store documents, photos, videos, books, maps, information, knowledge, and so on.
It's a Photograph Viewer.
You can Watch Videos.
It's a Calculator.
It's a Voice Recorder. Titan Note accurately takes, summarizes, translates, shares and edits notes.
it's a Note Taker and Typewriter.
It's a Calendar.
It's a Stop Watch.
It's a Flashlight.
It's a Smart Home Monitor.
Artificial Intelligence

With Apps
It's a Language Translator
It's a Translator for Spoken Words and Text.
It can understand Voice Commands   50 Siri Voice Commands (youtube)    Google Voice   Ai
It's a Dictionary
It can Measure Heights and Distances of objects  iphone smart ruler
It's a 3D Space Scanner when attached to your smartphone. The device calculates the distances between each corner to automatically generates 2D, 3D, and VR model in minutes.
It's a Wireless Computer Mouse
it's a Bubble Level that uses the phones Gyroscope
It's an Accelerometer, knows Up from Down and Motions Accelerometer
It's an Astrology Tool
It's an Anatomy Tool for 10 Systems of the Human Body
it's a Compass
It's a Unit Converter  Convert Everything
It's a Scientific Calculator
You can learn about 118 of the Elements from the Periodic Table
You can look at the worlds largest Encyclopedia with more than 32 million articles in 280 languages.
You can Identify 821 species of Birds with in-depth descriptions, information on appearance, habitat, behavior, and more.
It's can Define Electronics Terms
It can be a Night Vision Camera
It can Recover Food Waste
Apps that can help you to accomplish Goals
Health Care Innovation by turning everyday smartphone cameras into powerful medical devices.

With Accessories
It's a Diagnostic Tool
You can Measure Blood Pressure   More Health Monitoring Apps
It's a Heart Monitor  Heart Knowledge
It's a Glucose Meter   GluCase: World's First Smartphone Case Glucometer
It's a Breathalyzer    (Gas Chromatography - Hydrogen Breath Test - Urea Breath Test)   Alcohoot Edge: Be The Smarter Drinker
It's a tool for Testing Eye Sight - EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker to Test your Eyes.
Wing - Measure Your Lungs. Manage your asthma
Scanadu monitors health vital signs and tests for measuring the levels of chemicals in a urine sample. Sensors
It's a Chemical Sensor - Ai Sensors
It's a Handheld Spectral Analyzer Diagnostic Tool
It's a Thermal Imager  Ryobi Tools
It's a Digital Microscope   HUD: Screen for Skin Cancer on your Smartphone 
Turn Your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope (youtube)
The Smallest 400x Microscope for Smartphone Dimensioning Instrument to capture dimensions and 3D curves
BLIPS: The Paper Thin Photo Microscopy Lens For All Devices
Face2Gene Enhanced Patient Evaluation with Deep Phenotyping facial recognition software.
You can Turn your phone into a precision digital scale  Slate: The Ultimate Smart Scale for Your Nutrition
It's a It's a GPS Travel Aid Navigator to give you Directions and Locations. Mountek GRIP Plus: Car mount for ANY mobile device.
It's a GPS Tracker so you can Finds Things that you Lose or Misplace.
It's a Advanced Walkie-Talkie that allows you to send text messages, images, audio recordings, and GPS coordinates quickly and easily using long range radio frequencies to other people with smartphones within 3 miles. You can communicate with your friends using your smartphones even when there is no signal coverage. Sonnet also has built-in offline maps.
It's a Credit Card Swipe to accept a credit card payment anytime, anywhere. In some places you can even pay for things using just your smartphone.
It can be a Stun Gun
It can be a Radar Gun   SCOUTEE - World's 1st Smart Speed Radar Gun Record speed and videos, analyze results.
It's even a Portable Fish Finder (Depth Finder)
It can be a Bluewire Hands Free Call Recorder
It's a Virtual Reality Machine
It's a Universal Remote Control

Smartphone App performs better than traditional exam in Cardiac Assessment using Photoplethysmography and a smartphone application for assessment of ulnar artery patency.

Photoplethysmogram is an optically obtained plethysmogram, a volumetric measurement of an organ. A PPG is often obtained by using a pulse oximeter which illuminates the skin and measures changes in light absorption. A conventional pulse oximeter monitors the perfusion of blood to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the skin.

Pocket Tripod that works with Android and iPhone cases. This card-size tripod can adjust to any angle.
More Tools

What else can Smartphones do?
Besides learning something new every day, you can become more and more intelligent each and every day. You can learn to live a better life. You can learn to expand your potential. You can learn to expand your awareness.  You can learn to expand your understanding of yourself and the world around you. There is so much that you can learn, but you have to initiate the process.
With a Smartphone...
You can document things in your life by taking photos, videos and writing things down.
You can store documents, Books and Dictionaries on your smartphone and read them anytime you want.
You can bring information like maps and data about the places that you plan to visit.
You can bring information and photos to the doctors office and learn more about your condition.
You can bring information and photos of a product so that when you go the store you get the right item.
You can access all kinds of information and Knowledge on the internet.
You can use Apps that can do all kinds of diagnostics to monitor your body.
You can use Apps to identify things in your environment, like plants, animals, insects.
You can use Apps that can translate different languages so that you can communicate with almost every person on the planet.
You can use a Smartphone to send and receive phone calls, emails and text messages.  Productivity Apps
You can make it a habit to read something new every day, read information or knowledge that would benefit you.
You can use a Smartphone to take a college course, read manuals and text books, learn a new word, learn a new language, learn a new skill, learn more about yourself and the world around you. And if you do this daily for 30 minutes, or 4 hours a week, or 16 hours a month, that would be equal to taking a college course part time. And of course if you do this on a computer you can do it faster and more often.
A smartphone can even be a laser pointer ipin laser presenter for iphone ios android

What a 30 minute video could give you: Someone could explain to you a method that took them hundreds of experiences and years of studying in order to perfect this method. That saves people a tremendous amount of time and effort. And that is our greatest strength. We can learn, and learn fast. That means, more control, less struggling and a lot more time to enjoy ourselves, while we explore our world and our universe. Audio-Visual  But just knowing methods does not guarantee that you will use them when needed.  

Smartphones can be Productive:
You can download information for offline viewing, so if you are not connected to the internet you can still learn and educate yourself. You can have a tutorial video or a lecture on your phone that you can watch anytime. Learn languages, learn exercises, learn new words, learn new skills, read a book, read a research paper, or read an informative article. You can study subjects that would add value to your knowledge base. You can write a "Things To Do List", reminders, write down goals, ideas and thoughts. (Ubiquitous Capture) Time Management  You can review your calendar showing events and other important things that are happening this day, this month, next month, and next year. You can review projects and update their status, and find ways to do things for your project while you're away. You can document and record things that are in your environment that can be used for educational purposes. You can use Apps effectively that produce positive outcomes.   

Technological Convergence

Modr: The world 's most powerful modular smartphone case accessory

And I can have all this information backed up on a server and a memory card. So if I lose my smartphone, I just get another one.

You could eventually become so smart that you wouldn't even need a smartphone anymore, you would only carry it for convenience. And for the first time ever, a convenience that would actually become a valuable asset instead of just being an accessory. 

Crankcase Power your Devices from your Motion
Solar Nano Smartphone Charger
Culcharge: The Smallest Wearable 3-in-1 Powerbank
Asmo Charger 
Beacon Box: Phone Case Power Bank
Line Dock: Thinnest and Smartest Laptop Power Bank built-in SSD, Universal Hub, Active Cooling & Wireless Charging.
PowerMe - turn any device into a power source
Slimger PRO - Charges Magnetically
NiftyX:LifeSaving Leather Charging Cable Bracelet
Chocolate Hub: Connecting your USB-C & Thunderbolt 3 laptop with the devices you use everyday. Qi inductive technology, the industry’s standard for wireless device charging. Pl 4K ready HDMI port. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports and a SD 3.0 Card Reader. The USB Ports are compatible with USB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB 1.1 and USB 1.0.
Solar Charging
Batteries - Rechargeable
Wireless Charging

Computers for Senior Citizens

You can actually hear Captain Kirk saying, Wow! That's an amazing Tricorder you have.

What Cellphones looked like

By 2020, more people in the world will have a smartphone than running water, So it makes sense that the smartphone should be able to help people fix that problem.

It takes around 75 different elements to make a cell phone.

Technology has made a lot of our manual tasks a whole lot easier to do and has also made them a lot less time consuming.
We can not deny how Technology has benefited us in many different ways. But until everyone is educated enough to use technology effectively and efficiently we will continue to cause more damage to ourselves and the world around us.
Technology is supposed to benefit mankind, it is not supposed to hurt mankind. And this hurt comes in many forms..

"Smartphones are a convenient way of transporting and transferring information and knowledge, but sadly they're not always used correctly or effectively."  

Utilitarianism is when the best moral action is the one that Maximizes Utility.
Cell Phone Addiction
Many Cities Cellphone Use Data

Technology is a direct result of Learning. When people have more access to more information and more knowledge, it generates more information and more knowledge, so we learn more and we do more, Moore's Law, or is it 'More is Law? So today we not only have more knowledge and more information then any other time, we also have more people who have more access to more knowledge then any other time, and we also have more people generating more knowledge and information then any other time. That means if Moore's Law is correct, and looking at the last 100 years, Doubling Time, we have arrived at an Exponential Growth of knowledge and information that is so big that we can no longer ignore how much we know. This will be like the great awakening, because the Power of knowledge is just now coming into focus. We have always knew about our potential, but we just couldn't focus enough to fully see what our lack of wisdom kept has us from seeing. This will be a huge celebration, but it will also be a lot of work, because even though we have more knowledge and more information, we also have more people who don't have access to more knowledge and more information, this has been our blind side, our Exponential Decay, our lost potential, the thing that we couldn't fully bring into focus. The speed on which we succeed will be directly related to how fast we can deliver information and knowledge to the people who have no access. Of course this type of sharing will not be easy or be without problems, but at least we'll be working on solving our problems, so this will just be one more problem to solve. Are you ready?

"Technology does not say how intelligent humans are, technology only says how technologically advanced we are."

"If you're not learning and progressing, then you're most likely degrading and digressing. So you are either improving life, or you're deteriorating life. Life depends on you knowing."

"The sound of hard drives spinning have given rise to the silence of solid state drives. Matter come full circle. The less energy we waste the more effective we'll be."

"In 2015 More people have died from selfies than shark attacks this year, 12 by selfies, 8 deaths caused by shark attacks."

Some day I would like to see everyone have a Smartphone. They are a great tool if used correctly. And with all the new Apps and other features, everyone can have a chance to be productive.

dokiWatch: World's Most Advanced Kids' Smartwatch

Improving Education is now my passion in life and my most important goal. There is nothing more important to this world then education. My whole life I have been searching. I have always been asking questions. Throughout my life I have met all kinds people and I have traveled to many distant places. I went through many changes and experienced many moments of despair. I have made many mistakes and I have made many bad decisions. I have flirted with death, so I am extremely fortunate, lucky and thankful to have lived this long. I have worked 100's of different jobs, but felt no real purpose. But it all changed in 2007 when I disconnected my TV. I started to educate myself. I finally became aware. I realized how little I knew of myself and how little I knew about this world. This was my epiphany. It all made sense. Everything in life is in someway connected to education. All my experiences now have meaning and purpose. And if it were not for the internet, and all who contributed to its vast resources of knowledge, I would have not been able to acquire the necessary knowledge and information that has enlightened me and inspired me to pursue this project. And of course the invention of the computer was the main vehicle that helped this realization happen. Making the internet and the computer the main catalysts that helped to spawn this epiphany. So it only makes sense that the PC and the internet will be major components of this project. This will be my life's work. I don't believe in retirement, I only believe in redefining purpose. You cannot deny destiny, you can only embrace it. 

Catalyst: Something that causes an important event to happen. Reactions that occur faster and with less energy.

Since January 2009 I have started finding information and ideas on how to improve education that would make education more effective and comprehensive. I have also started putting together some Educational Resources and Websites to help accumulate the best knowledge and information that the world has to offer. It still shocks me that most students spend 12 years in school and come away with very little useful knowledge. 100's of millions of students desperately need a higher quality and a more thorough education. Education is not just a humans most important asset, education is the greatest instrument for Health, Happiness and Prosperity. The sheer lack of access to a higher quality and a more thorough education is the cause for most of the problems this world is faced with today. Mostly because people cannot make good decisions or make the right choices without correct sufficient knowledge. We cannot afford to wait for schools to improve and for our teachers to become good quality teachers. We have to use more then one way to fix this problem. We have to use all of our resources and abilities. Providing PC Laptops for people, filled with knowledge, is one way to accomplish this.

I love the One Laptop Per Child and the Class Mate PC but I want to take it to the next level. The One Laptop Per Child PC is great for children of ages from 3 to 6 years old. The Classmate PC is great for children ages of 6 to 10 years old. Both of these PC's have great qualities and have opened the door to some really great ideas on how a Laptop PC can help improve a child's educational experience. But I want to make sure that we have the next generation of Learning Laptop PC's ready. Laptops that are faster with more memory and more capabilities so that the students hunger for knowledge and learning are not hampered in anyway.

Teaching Technology
Bring Education to Liberia

Every Company, Government, Community and Person must have a cause that they are dedicated to. I see no other cause more important then education, and not the education that we have in our schools today, I'm talking about a more comprehensive education that gives every human the life skills and knowledge that is needed to live and be a positive influence.
Health, Happiness and Prosperity is not a dream, it is a goal, and the main goal of a quality and thorough education.

The laptops will be expensive, but if we don't educate humans properly and effectively it will end up costing the world much more then money could ever buy. So this is totally worth the investment. Every Human has questions that need to be answered, and every answer needs to be explained in more then one way so that everyone can understand.

H.O.P.E. PC - Acronym Meaning

ome Organized Personalized Education

Where you live at a particular time. Your center. Your heart. Your origin. Your family.

Arrange by systematic planning and united effort. Bring order to. Methodical and efficient in arrangement or function. Create. Cause to be structured or ordered, or operating according to some principle or idea. Formed into a structured or coherent whole.

Adjusted to an individuals needs. Make personal. Particular to a given individual. Concerning a person's physical being. Concerning or affecting a particular person, or his or her private life and personality. Altered to accommodate certain requirements.

The activities of educating, instructing and teaching. Activities that impart knowledge, skills, training and development. Knowledge acquired by learning and instruction. The gradual process of acquiring knowledge. A good upbringing.

Hope is to believe that things will eventually improve and get better as long as you keep trying. Hope is wishing for a better future and having an optimistic attitude for a positive outcome. Hope is avoiding stress that is caused by negativity. Hope is making the best use of a situation and being as great as possible even when things are difficult. Hope (wiki)

"Hope is the Light that Shines Internally, and You are the Light that Shines Externally through the Darkness."

"Out of the Mountain of Despair, a Stone of Hope" ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Where there is Life, there is Hope"
"Hope is the Beacon which points to Prosperity"
"Once you choose Hope, anything's Possible"

You are the Light of the World.
A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house...Let your light shine.

There is Light at the End of the Tunnel
The Tunnel Represents what is unknown to you, and the Light Represents all the things that can be Known to you. Don't be Kept in the Dark, Seek the Light. Keep Learning.

"No matter what sort of difficulties that we face, or how painful the experiences that we endure, if we lose our Hope, that's our real disaster. ~ Dalai Lama

"We still have to try"

“Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a Private Hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation.” (John F. Kennedy)

Hope is the moonlight filtering through the trees,
Hope is the silent prayer that we make in distress,
Hope is the promise that we make to ourselves,
Hope is the happiness that we visualize,
Hope is the horizon that we reach, if we try!
― Balroop Singh

Hope for Life

Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.'
(Quoted from the program's Architect in the movie Matrix 2)

"Hope isn't a plan. Hope does not release you from trying or stop you from thinking about new ideas. Hope is a wish for good luck, so the rest is up to you."

"Give me Hope, Help me Cope, with this Heavy Load" ~ George Harrison-Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth).

In Russia there's a saying "Hope Dies Last". Probably it's the reference to the need of human to hope for good even in darkest hour.

When Pandora's Box was opened, it released all the evils of humanity, leaving only Hope inside once it had closed again.

"The future does have a name, and its name is Hope. Feeling hopeful does not mean to be optimistically naïve and ignore the tragedy humanity is facing. Hope is the virtue of a heart that doesn't lock itself into darkness, that doesn't dwell on the past, does not simply get by in the present, but is able to see a tomorrow. Hope is the door that opens onto the future. Hope is a humble, hidden seed of life that, with time, will develop into a large tree. It is like some invisible yeast that allows the whole dough to grow, that brings flavor to all aspects of life. And it can do so much, because a tiny flicker of light that feeds on hope is enough to shatter the shield of darkness. A single individual is enough for hope to exist, and that individual can be you. And then there will be another "you," and another "you," and it turns into an "us." And so, does hope begin when we have an "us?" No. Hope began with one "you." When there is an "us," there begins a revolution." Pope Francis

"Never give up Hope, unless of course if someone wants to borrow your Hope, then that's OK, because once you have Hope you can always get more Hope."

"A life without cause is a life without effect"

HOPE on the Telephone Key Pad is 4673  (4+6=10 , 7+3=10)  1010 is Binary

Basic Knowledge 101 Name Origin

The Thinker Man